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Open technologies are an important source of innovation to foster cutting-edge inventions, discoveries and new knowledge to advance society.

Pristine is capable of providing the best blockchain technology through SAP

By this Technology Multi-Party processes will be simplified and trust will be created among participants

Why SAP for Blockchain?

Business Process Centered

At SAP, our approach to blockchain focuses on more than just the technology. Use cases, business value, and impacted processes are paramount – and data quality and integrity are ensured from the get-go.

Networks Experience

Combining your company’s digital core with a vibrant and active business network is key to blockchain success. SAP lives and breathes business networks – and can help you integrate seamlessly and securely.

BaaS Abstraction Layer

Our BaaS solution includes an abstraction layer that supports open standards, offers built-in integration with SAP applications – and insulates you and your partners from the technology’s volatility.