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Tea One

Tea solution with SAP Business One

Pristine is capable of addressing business related issues in tea industry by SAP business One;

Tea exporters, Tea Auctioneers and Tea plantation are three different variants of the same value chain. Each of these three segments has its own unique requirements and pain points to address. Except for SAP Business One no solution has identified or catered to requirements of all three stake holders of Tea value chain.

SAP Business One has specific add on to support tea plantations and requirements of land development, growing and corps. Functionality coverage from inventory management, Payrolls and accounting.

Tea exporters require data integration from auction through catalog files uploads, blending, Tea board reporting, production, packing, out sourcing to shipping. Challenges for Tea exporters are easily handled in a unique way by SAP Business One and is tried and tested by many Tea exporters in Sri Lanka.

SAP Business One is particular to tea industry not just for the word of it’s being an ERP, didn’t you know that it is a readymade software application which is easily customizable indeed to your requirement. Have you ever been aware that SAP is capable of capturing the tea catalogue upload including tea purchasing, inventory to the bin level, tea blending until the stage of packaging and shipping? Instead of those facts it is further useful when the reports are required to generate especially to the Ceylon Tea Board.

Key Features
  • Able to upload Broker catalogs to the system
  • Comparison on pre-auction and actual purchases
  • Select collectable DO’s and Make follow up
  • Tea bag wise weighing – Identifying collection gain & lose
  • Tea GRN
  • Color Sorter Process – Allocation for color sorting, Color Sorting
  • Blend Allocation – both kg wise and bag wise, Flavor allocation
  • Follows total production process (blend, finish good, combine packs and ETC)
  • Keep all levels stocks (blend, finish good)
  • Batch Trace
  • Complete set of Repots –Functional, Management and Tea board reports
  • Integration with ASYCUDA system

Value for your organization
  • Fully Integrated with the ERP It’s an inbuilt solution with SAP Business One
  • Fast Get works in real time on any data
  • Engaging Business Intelligence tools, Dash boards, Graphical Representation and ETC
  • Easy of Adaptation Due to ease of use
  • Easy of Customization