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Grab the chance and be the winner among your competitors.

Pristine Sales Force Automation (Pristine SFA) is a mobilized, integrated system for your sales and distribution operations that runs on cloud. It can help you to

  Automate and mobilize the sales and distribution of a field salesforce.

  Enhance the collaboration, information sharing and improve the productivity of the overall sales and redistribution process by fully automated broad range of functionality.

  Enables sales managers to effectively manage and monitoring sales team by track the sales representative‚Äôs activities and accessing to real time & Comprehensive data.

  Sales Representatives can get rid of the traditional paper works and record all the sales related data such as sales orders, collections, Returns, and other daily transactions faster, and from anywhere.

Key Features

Visit & Route Planning

Create Visit plans & get the approvals from the Management.

Location Tracking

Track the sales Representatives real time location & activities by geo fencing routes & Geo Tracking.

Order & Payment Management

Create & Manage all the data related to sales orders at a one place.

Inventory Management

Manage & Access to the inventory details fast.

Customer & Prospect Management

Update and manage the customer & prospect related data within one second.

Opportunity Management

Record & Track all the opportunity related data and the activities to increase the lead generation.

Expenses Management

Update the daily expenses of the sales representative and get the approvals from the management.

Report Analytics with Power BI

Business insight with real time analytical data through a dashboard powered by business intelligence & Improve Business Insight.