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A solution for fast-growing, mid-market business to compete without the complexity and cost which connects every function across your company, which is a cloud-based ERP.

Key Benefits

Run your entire business on an intelligent cloud ERP software suite.

Experience a single end-to-end cloud solution powered by proven business processes and delivered in a quick-to-implement package

Built for growth

Leverage a dynamic, configurable solution that’s built to scale to help your company become more efficient and keep growing with your business.


Get full transparency to make informed decisions every day with analytics that are built into every process.

  • Intelligent cloud ERP: Streamlined end-to-end processes
  • Instant value: Enables agility to quickly adapt for new opportunities 
  • Business impact: Real-time analytics included to help improve profits and efficiency
  • Provision of Software As A Service Mode (SAAS)
Key Capabilities
  • Finance - Get a real-time view of your financial situation, streamline your core accounting processes, and better manage cash and liquidity.
  • Customer Relationship Management - Expertly manage your marketing, sales, and service processes – and drive customer engagement – by integrating your front-office and back-office processes into one solution.
  • Human Resources - Streamline HR processes, such as organization management, workforce administration, time and attendance, and employee self-service.
  • Project Management - Organize projects of any size and complexity with integration across all functional areas to help your teams manage, deliver, and monitor projects in real time.
  • Procurement - Manage sourcing and contracting, including strategic sourcing, RFQ processing, and supplier base management, and empower employees with self-service procurement capabilities.
  • Supply Chain Management - Model your internal and external supply and integrate the value chain for cost transparency, up-to-date inventory valuation, and a tight process integration.  
  • Localization - With customers in more than 100 countries and globalization and translation toolkits built on local best practices, SAP Business by Design provides the ability to adapt to tax requirements, languages, and currencies for quick entry to new markets.

Security & Compliance

With a proactive, predictive approach, SAP helps ensure compliance and data security – whether you store it on-premise or on the SAP Cloud.

Data Security - Focus on your business and customer relationships, trusting that your data is safe and reliable. Our proactive, predictive approach helps ensure compliance and data security.

Data Protection & Privacy - Protect the rights of employees, applicants, customers, suppliers, partners, and others with SAP solutions that preserve data ownership, security, and privacy.

Compliance - Trust that our products meet the latest compliance and security standards, thanks to external reviews and audits, as well as our use of one common framework worldwide.

SAP helps ensure compliance & data security. (whether you store it on-premise or on the SAP Cloud.)

Can focus on your business while knowing that your mission-critical data is safe & reliable.

Security is provided to the following areas
  • Secure products
  • Secure Operations
  • Secure Company
  • Securing the Intelligent Enterprise
  • Security Offerings
  • Data Center Security
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