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SAP Apparel

Apparel and footwear solution

Pristine is capable of providing the solution for the apparel sector with the collaboration of its partners.

Apparel and software solution will help to build strong customer relationships with integrated customer relationship management, becoming more efficient by eliminating data redundancies and errors. Process covers from sample room, design and tech pack to production and shipping.

Key Capabilities

1. Integrated Sales
Supports to create price quotes, enter customer orders, set up deliveries, update inventory balances, and manage all invoices and accounts receivables.

2. Easy to Procure
SAP Business One for Apparel and Footwear provides an end-to-end systematic approach to the procurement process. It manages and maintains your vendor contracts and transactions, including the issue of purchase orders, updates to inventory quantities, calculations for the value of imported items, returns and credits, and payment processing.

3. Inventory Support
Enabling you to manage your data at the end item level to successfully forecast, plan and manufacture products, delivering the right product by controlling inventories.

4. Efficient Manufacturing
Manages Material Requirement Planning (MRP) though a wizard-based process that enables users to define a planning scenario and predict demand based on forecasts.

5. The Circle of Life – PLM
Facilitates the effective management of products, from design all the way through production, speeding up your innovation as well as your ROI. The integrated Product Data Management application manage images, colors, materials and POMs, with the ability to add sketches, concepts, documentation and images to the style from a file or an existing drawing tool, all while the system manages raw materials and labor costs.

6. Fashion Book
With SAP Business One for Apparel and Footwear solution, delivery of accurate collection information taken directly from the system including style and color options and that all-important real-time inventory availability is being done.
All data are being presented to the customer in a visually appealing application.