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Our Partnerships

We Pristine as SAP Gold Partner and Microsoft Azure partner internationally are passionate about digitizing your business for you to experience the fastest return on investment.

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SAP Gold Partner

SAP Gold partnership – Pristine Solutions (Pvt) Ltd. is the only Gold partner for SAP Business One in Sri Lanka

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Microsoft Partner

We are ready to offer the best experience for your business with Microsoft Azure in your journey of digitising your business.

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Avalarra simplifies tax compliance with automation. We provide technology to help your business manage sales and use, excise, GST, VAT, and other tax types, across the U.S and abroad.
We supply rates and rules based on geolocation and product classification. We prepare and file returns, and distribute payments to tax jurisdictions on your behalf. Avalarra automatically omits tax from exempt sales and manage exemption documentation. We can also track your sales to show you where you’re obligated to file, and we get you registered.

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Here at Argentis Systems we’ve been developing and implementing market-leading business software for the fashion and apparel industry since 2008.
Our global community has experience working with over 100 customers and technology partners worldwide, delivering high quality solutions which are tailor-made to meet the specific needs of businesses within the fashion and apparel sector. We are a certified SAP Strategic Solution Provider (SSP) dedicated to the development, distribution, implementation and support of SAP enterprise software solutions. 

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Boyum IT

Boyum IT Solutions is a global award-winning SAP Business One implementation, consultancy and development house with more than 8,000 customers worldwide.
Our strong individual skill sets combined with our fast and efficient implementation methodology make us one of the strongest teams in the field.

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Bundled B2B

BundleB2B is a SaaS application that offers enterprise-level B2B functionality to businesses of all types and sizes. It enables store owners to facilitate their B2B operations online and provide their B2B customers with seamless transactions and convenient self-service account capabilities.
With core capabilities that allow users to easily manage front-end and back-end B2B processes, BundleB2B can be utilized to fit the needs of any growing B2B Commerce business and improve the B2B self-service experience for both store owners and their customers.

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Century Business

"In 2004, Century Business Solutions was founded. We recognized a need for a more straightforward fee structure and saw an opportunity for businesses to benefit from simpler payment processes. With a thorough understanding of the trends and opportunities in the payment processing industry, our solutions were developed to simplify payment acceptance and increase profits for our merchants.

Century is a software developer, merchant processor, and payment gateway built for you. We’re dedicated to helping merchants get the most out of credit card processing.

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While we work in a climate of innovation, expertise and partnership, our main goal is really to improve the competitiveness of our customers.
To us, achieving that is the basic indicator of if we are doing things right or not. However, we are not in an industry where you can make a great product and then sit back and rest on your laurels. A tireless hunger for new ideas, led by our managing director and supported by constant research and analysis, is the very lifeblood of our organization and of course is the basis for the modules and additions to SAP Business One that we have created including project manufacturing solutions, a warehouse management system and even a dealership network. As well as a focus on expanding the capabilities of our current offer, we look to add the very latest in technology to our repertoire. Our innovative investigations into the use of augmented reality during the manufacturing process is just one example of this.

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CSI Payments

Since 1989, we’ve been providing payment solutions to some of the world’s most iconic brands while building an elite crew of AP-certified payments experts, software developers, relationship managers, and integration specialists. At CSI, we keep innovation and flexibility top-of-mind so we can drive secure B2B electronic payments globally.

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Focused Impressions

Focused Impressions was founded in 2014 by eCommerce entrepreneurs to meet evolving B2B and B2C eCommerce needs. Dedicated to serving the global SAP community, our team of SAP-certified solutions veterans are expert in eCommerce behaviors. We bring this combined knowledge to bear in FocusPoint for SAP Business One.

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ITM Development

ITM-Development an IT consulting company headquartered in Switzerland since 2004 we develop solutions in the field of ERP, WEB and E-commerce.We help companies achieve their goals faster and easier. Every company – regardless of size, industry or company history – can do a great job. We want to do our part and, with ITM Development as the new standard technology, help companies worldwide to save valuable time and money. We hope to inspire you with this vision.

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We serve both midmarket and enterprise customers, who appreciate our tailored, industry-focused solutions that simplify data management through powerful analytics and visualization tools, and revolutionize the way they interact with their own information.

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Pivot Nexus

Pivot Payables delivers apps that increase the value of customer investments in business processes and systems, particularly related to spend and payment management for expense, invoice, and travel.

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Power BI

Power BI is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization, or embed them in your app or website. Connect to hundreds of data sources and bring your data to life with live dashboards and reports.

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SAP Hosting

Build Applications to Meet Individual Business Needs –Quickly and Economically, Discover how SAP Cloud Platform lets you build the exact application you need more quickly, easily, and economically. Deliver business solutions quickly, and gain flexibility and control over your choice of clouds, frameworks, and applications with a platform as a service based on open standards.

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ShipStation leads the e-commerce world with our web-based software designed to make e-commerce retailers exceptionally efficient at processing, fulfilling, and shipping their orders from all the most popular marketplaces and shopping carts using all the top carriers. We combine order processing, production of shipping labels, and customer communication in an easy to use, web-based interface that integrates directly with major carriers and online platforms.

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We’re here to help sellers of all sizes start, run, and grow their business—and helping them grow their business is good business for everyone!

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Quickly recognizing the needs of a burgeoning industrial sector to measure things, he devotes this enterprise to the development and optimization of ultra-sensitive measurement instruments.

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Palette helps a retailer to understand and predict a customers’ demand. Your product managers will be able to understand the customer behavior, Analysis of products mutual replacement based on your customer's requirements. Efficiently plan assortment in the entire chain, a particular region or even an individual store. Determine the life cycle of any products, decide on assortment changes. Actively manage your stock levels, margin, schedule replenishment. Finally, calculate and analyze the financial results of planned assortment.

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