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Human Resource Information System

HRIS for SME and Large Enterprises

Pristine is capable of providing the solution for Human Resource Management in collaboration with its partners.

The HRIS system that we provide can capture details from Recruitment Planning, Advertising, On boarding, and Recruitment up to Resignation. This product, HRIS will maintain 22 modules and has the capacity to handle unlimited number of operational records, comprises exceptional managerial reports and can power business processes to ensure the presence of a well-functioning, 360-degree HRIS which facilitates the employee lifecycle management.

Key Modules
  • Self service Module
  • HOD Module
  • Profile Manager Module
  • Training & Attendance Module
  • Virtual File store Module
  • Loan Module
  • Transport & Accommodation Module
  • Volunteer Tracker Module
  • PMS Module
  • Employee Confirmation Module
  • Employee Transfer Module
  • Employee Resignation Module
  • Dashboard
  • Org Chart
  • Recruitment Module
  • Reports