White Paper

What is Pristine Sales Force Automation?

by Sathsarani Perera


Pristine Sales Force Automation (Pristine SFA) is an assembled, integrated system for your sales and distribution operation that operates on the cloud. Pristine Salesforce automation awards you a back-end web module and mobile application modules for sales representatives, security checkers, drivers, and for collectors in order to control their field sales force and redistribution productively & efficiently. Pristine SFA is an adaptable solution, hence it can be integrated with any ERP system.

Pristine SFA allows you a broad variety of features for field crew administration and transaction management begins with opportunity tracking to collection management and customer care.

Pristine SFA can help your organization to:

➊ Efficiently Control the field salesforce:
Pristine SFA empowers sales management to actively observe field sales force, sales employees, and cooperate with the teams. It produces accurate metrics for an organization to form territories for sales managers and sales representatives using area demarcation. Therefore, the sales team and sales process management will be simplified.

➋ Develop the convenience of the data:
Pristine SFA appears with a cloud-based integration and centralized database, it is pretty easy to reach any significant data from anyplace, anytime. It enables a complete 360-degree view of all the communications and actions between your company and the customers.

➌ Automate and streamline Actions:
Pristine SFA holds a number of tailor-made features designed to streamline hand-operated, tiresome, repetitious sales tasks. So, the sales crew can direct on more sales than admin. Pristine SFA arrives with exceptional features like opportunity tracking, prospect management, customer management, order management, delivery management, and collection management.

➍ Real-time data Analysis:
Pristine SFA awards you real-time data analysis with its completely automotive operating system, integrated analytic tool, and built-in report templates. The analytical tool assists you to See dynamic, visual snaps of real-time metrics including sales productivity and performance.