Human Capital Management for SMEs and Large Enterprises

Human Resource Information System from Pristine Solutions

Human Resource Information System

HRIS is our proprietary solution for managing all your organization’s human resource needs.
Capture all details from recruiting planning, position advertising, on-boarding and recruitment up to resignation. HRIS includes 22 modules to help you manage an unlimited number of operations records. It enables you to create exceptional managerial reports to facilitate employee lifecycle management.

Key Modules Included with HRIS:

  • Self service Module
  • HOD Module
  • Profile Manager Module
  • Training & Attendance Module
  • Virtual File Store Module
  • Loan Module
  • Transport & Accommodation Module
  • Volunteer Tracker Module
  • PMS Module
  • Employee Confirmation Module
  • Employee Transfer Module
  • Employee Resignation Module
  • Dashboard
  • Org Chart
  • Recruitment Module
  • Reports

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