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Tea Solution with SAP Business One

Tea Solution with SAP Business One from Pristine Solutions

Tea exporters, Tea Auctioneers and Tea plantation are three different variants of the same value chain, each of which has its own unique requirements and pain points to address. Except for SAP Business One, no solution has identified or catered to requirements of all three stakeholders of Tea value chain.

SAP Business One has specific add on to support tea plantations and requirements of land development, growing and crops. Functionality coverage from inventory management, Payrolls and accounting.

Tea exporters require data integration from auction through catalog files uploads, blending, Tea board reporting, production, packing, outsourcing to shipping. Challenges for Tea exporters are easily handled in a unique way by SAP Business One and is tried and tested by many Tea exporters in Sri Lanka.


A host of user-friendly traits made exclusively available to keep the business thriving at an unprecedented rate!

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Fully Integrated with the ERP! This is an inbuilt solution with SAP Business One.

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Get works in real time on any data.

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Business Intelligence tools, Dashboards, Graphical Representation.

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Easy Adaptation

Stress-free customizing due to ease of use.

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Easy Customization

Hassle-free use without restrictions.

Key Features of TeaOne:

  • Tea Auction – Catalogue Upload, Real time purchasing, Purchase confirmation.
  • Comparison on Pre-Auction and Actual Purchases.
  • Selection of collectable DO’s and Making follow up.
  • Tea bag wise weighing – Identifying collection gain & loss.
  • Tea GRN - Batch/Lot management.
  • Color Sorting Process – Allocation & Color Sorting.
  • Blend Allocation – both (weight) kg wise and bag wise, Flavor allocation.
  • Follows total production process (blending, finishing goods, combining packs and etc.)
  • Pre-costing.
  • Keeping all levels stocks (blend, finished goods).
  • Batch Trace.
  • Complete set of Reports –Functional, Management and Tea board reports.
  • Integration with ASYCUDA system.
  • Tea Plantation – Handling with SAP and Agri One Solution.

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